Lecture Modules - Economics

Shares are part-ownerships of a company - which exists and operates within the local and international economies. These lectures strive to prove the investor with a sound background in both the micro- and macro-economics which influence share prices. These lectures deal inter alia with the money supply, the business cycle, inflation and the balance of payments.

Introduction Part 1

This lecture is an introduction to economics. It deals with the split between macroeconomics and microeconomics, the problem of limited resources and opportunity cost. It gives a brief history of the South African economy and looks at the residual impact of the apartheid era, the debt moratorium, the dual currency and the advent of the ANC.

Introduction Part 2

This lecture module considers the various factors impacting on the measurement of economic performance through gross domestic product, the multiplier effect, production, inflation, the multiplier effect, government and international economics.

Supply and Demand

This lecture deals with the microeconomics concept of supply and demand. It looks at the interaction between supply and demand and the concept of equilibrium. It deals with substitute products and shifts in the demand and supply functions. Then it tackles the concept of elasticity and the impact of this on pricing and total revenue. Finally, it considers various economic models like monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition and percfect competition.