Why Sharetrackin Works

Why ShareTrackin works?

Many of our clients in Southern Africa and around the world uses ShareTrackin and our services with great success. Here’s a selection of testimonials from those who have benefited from ShareTrackin, competitions, simulation and value content of our courses / Investor's clubs.


1st Prize - R1 000 000.00 - Mr Theodore Pepler

Theodore & Carla Pepler with Karien & Christo Oosthuizen

The Guts & Glory competition sponsored by Share Trackin can truly be recommended if you are interested in share trading, and in this instance exploring the world of CFD. The competition allows you to trade in a simulated environment and adds the excitement of reality when considering the prize money. Once the competition started, I became more sensitive to financial news, especially the American market news. As the competition progressed I became cautious of my trading habits and would refrain from entering the market if I was uncertain of a trading position. I made use of technical analysis, downloading JSE data from Share Trackin on a daily basis and I monitored the buy and sell volumes of the live trades on Global Trader, especially when the American market opened at 15h00 South African time. As the competition drew to a close and the results were unavailable during the last two weeks the anticipation grew. Just as I thought that I was out of the competition, I received a call to inform me that I had made it to the top ten, needless to say, I was excited and made all the arrangements for the journey. At the ceremony as competing members were called forward from the tenth position, the suspense grew. When I was finally called forward I was a little bewildered realizing that I had actually made it, what a wonderful moment. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this competition, as it has sharpened my attitude towards the share trading environment and has afforded me the opportunity of putting all the theory to the test. I realize that there is still a lot to learn and I am grateful for the service provided by Share Trackin. The Share Trackin trading environment has proven to be very useful. The software is friendly and the staff is always polite and helpful. Many thanks to everyone involved.

- Theodore Pepler


1st Prize - R1 000 000.00 - Mr GM Russell

GM Russell with Karien & Christo Oosthuizen

"Not only did the ShareTrackin competition offer a rare opportunity for participants to trade their portfolios live on the JSE and hone their skills with no risk, but it also offered an unbeatable financial return........well, for the top three at least."

- Theodore Pepler

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