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Nr Term Discription

That part of a company’s profit which is distributed to shareholders, usually expressed as a number of cents per share.

2Stop-LossA mechanical selling method which gets an investor out of a share (or other security) when it has fallen by more than a certain pre-determined amount.
3Rights Issue

A rights issue occurs when a company decides to raise additional funds from their existing shareholders.


Part ownerships of a company which can be owned by a juristic person or any individual, irrespective of race, education level, or any other factor - sometimes also known as "stock".

5DiscountingThe process of reducing a future income into an amount which you are prepared to pay for it now.

The four main elements which go into the production of goods and services. These are capital, land (including buildings) labour and entrepreneurial ability and they are all inherently limited.

7Rand Hedge SharesA share which, because it derives most of its income in a foreign currency, offers the investor protection against any fall in the value of the rand against other currencies.
8Rand Index(RAIN) An index of the rand against a trade-weighted group of five currencies - the US dollar, sterling, the yuan, the euro and the yen. This index is useful for getting an idea of whether the rand is getting stronger or weaker at any point in time based on our weighted exports to the five currency areas.
9Trade Deficit

An excess of import costs over export revenues on the current account of the balance of payments.

10Dividend Yield

The dividends per share of a listed company, after allowing for 15% dividends withholding tax, expressed as a percentage of its current market price.

11Quantitative Easing

A euphemism for the printing of money by central banks to revive a failing economy.

12Bull TrendAn upward trend in the market as a whole which generally lasts for at least 2 or 3 years.
13Bear Trend

Where the market as a whole or a particular share or sector falls for an extended period.

14S&P 500

The Standard and Poors actuarially weighted index of the 500 largest companies trading on the New York Stock Exchange.


Precious metal, with a mass 18 times that of water, known and prized for thousands of years as a medium of exchange and a store of value.

17MomentumA class of line indicators designed to measure the slowing down of a price trend immediately prior to a major change in direction.
18Dead Cat BounceA sharp rally in the middle of a bear trend or a crash.
19CorrectionA short downward trend during a bull market usually lasting for a few weeks or months and which does not permanently interrupt the underlying trend.
20Limit Order

An order given to a stockbroker to buy or sell at or better than a specific price.

21Current Account

An element of the balance of payments consisting of the trade account (imports minus exports) and the service account consisting of payments and receipts for services used or rendered by South Africa.

23Paper TradingTrading without real money in some kind of simulation.
25Political RiskThe risk to investments that the country where they are located will become politically unstable.

(ALT-X) This is a junior division of the JSE designed to allow smaller, fast-growth, black economic empowerment and fledgling mining companies to list.

27Monetary PolicyThe policy of a central bank in striving to achieve its two contradictory objectives of monetary stability and economic growth.
30Headline Earnings Per Share(HEPS) The company’s headline earnings divided by the average number of shares in issue.
31Last Day To Trade

The last day on which to purchase a share to benefit from a corporate action.

32Share SplitWhere a company divides its shares into smaller parts, each trading at a proportionately lower price in the market.
33Moving Average

A basic technical analysis tool calculated by adding up a number of trading day’s prices and dividing by that number of days.

34Technical AnalysisA school of investment assessment and thought which maintains that there are patterns present in the price and volume charts of shares which can be exploited to improve the investor's probability of making correct investment decisions.
35Fundamental Analysis

An approach to share assessment that strives to establish a share’s real value based on a discounted cash flow of future dividends.

36Fundamental Analysis

An approach to share assessment that strives to establish a share’s real value based on a discounted cash flow of future dividends.


(OB/OS) A technical oscillator calculated by measuring the gap between the price and a specified moving average and then expressing that as a percentage of that moving average.

38BETAThe second letter of the Greek alphabet, used by Wall Street and the investment community generally to describe the volatility of a stock relative to an overall stock market index.
39Mental PostureThe investor’s emotional reaction to the share market in general and to his/her shares in particular.